German-English Commercial Law

English commercial law plays an important role for many German businesses due to close economic relations between Germany and Great Britain. It is often the case that English law is the preferred choice of law in international commerce.

English law is particularly relevant for German entrepreneurs as many have decided in recent years to establish companies under the legal form of the English Private Limited Company (Ltd.). For a number of these businesses this raises questions relating to company law, which are based on English law. Many businesses also conclude contracts under English law. We give advice on drawing up such contracts as well as clarification of claims and obligations.

The scope of the UK Bribery Act makes it also highly relevant for businesses with even the most remote relations to Great Britain, especially in terms of prevention.

For companies that have trade relations with Great Britain it is important to seek out expert advice on English law. Dr. Andreas Rühmkorf has researched and taught at the University of Sheffield since 2008. He offers individual and competent legal advice encompassing the entire spectrum of possible queries relating to commercial law.

Consultations with Andreas Rühmkorf mainly focus on:

  • English company law, in particular advice on English Private Limited Companies (Ltd.)
  • German-English contract law
  • UK Bribery Act – risk of liability in cases of corruption

For more information about advice offered by Andreas Rühmkorf on German-English commercial law please click here.

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